Doctrinal Statement

As a member of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) we believe in the Great Ends of the Church:

  • The proclamation of the gospel for the salvation of humankind;
  • The shelter, nurture, and spiritual fellowship of the children of God;
  • The maintenance of divine worship;
  • The preservation of truth;
  • The promotion of social righteousness; and
  • The exhibition of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world

Some of the Essential Tenets of the Reformed faith, which Presbyterians are a part of, are:

  • Sovereignty- "God is majestic, holy God who creates, sustains, rules, and redeems the world."
  • Election- "God chooses to save a people who will serve God and seek to carry out God's purposes in the world through lives of faithful obedience to Jesus Christ."
  • Covenant- "God enters into a relationship with people: Israel in the Old Testament; the church in the New Testament. They are the people of God who proclaim and seek to order their lives by God's Word."
  • Stewardship- "The people of God manage God's gifts responsibly and seek to make proper use of the good gifts of God's creation."
  • Sin- "Humans are not prone to idolatry, which is worshipping anything other than God, and tyranny by which the very fabric of human life and relationships are broken."
  • Obedience- "The people of God work for justice and social transformation as expressions of their obedience to God's Word and will in Jesus Christ."